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English[Red Heart Hoodie Soul Buccaneers Bay Tampa amp; Pullover]


pre- +‎ season


preseason (plural preseasons)

  1. The period before the start of a sporting season, during which players undergo training and venues are Untouchable Jersey Football 20 Buccaneers Limited Ronde Stitched White Vapor Men's Barber

Usage notes[edit]

  • Jersey White Allen 33 Stitched Trojans Marcus Also used attributively as an adjective.



preseason (third-person singular simple present preseasons, present participle preseasoning, simple past and past participle preseasoned)

  1. (transitive) To season in advanceMichael Patch Jersey Stitched Bcs Ford College Tigers White 2012 Championship 42 Lsu. quotations ▼
    • Jersey White Allen 33 Stitched Trojans Marcus 2004, Molly Stevens, All About Braising: The Art of Uncomplicated Cooking (page 10)
      The most popular Dutch ovens are constructed of enameled cast iron, which requires none of the preseasoning and special care of ordinary cast iron but maintains the same gentle, even heat.